The Third Person of the Trinity

For many church-goers there has been confusion regarding the Spirit of God especially in this “End-Time” era. Whether you refer to Him as Holy Ghost, Holy Spirit, Spirit of God or by any other title, the meaning and function is the same – He was left (or sent to earth) to be our Helper, our Advocate, our Teacher. This study is to impart to you the mission for which Jesus sent Him here to [More on Next Page...]

Survival of the Fittest!

We are well into summer now. Spruce Pine (NC) is about two weeks behind the growing season of other communities, being at above 3,000' elevation. Now, we are seeing flowers and other plants rushing to bloom and hurrying to produce seed for the next season . For example, the chives that you see in this photo, having survived the very harsh, cold winter here, came up obviously from seed blown [More on Next Page...]