The Times They Are A’changin’

This old song title from the 70’s era might have a second life, not so much about war as it originally highlighted but of how many things in this time some 40 years later are actually reverting BACK to those earlier days, meaning the way we do things.  A more familiar phrase is “History Repeats Itself”. Okay, you need clarification. As you may have notice on this site, we have acquired the skills [More on Next Page...]

Living & Dying

Some of the most concerning (and objects of worry) are the questions of “how long will I live” and “when can I expect to die”? We all know of babies who, for some reason or another, die shortly after being born or after just a few short years of life. Yet we also know of some who live into their hundreds of years. So, what is the real answer to these questions? Well, the answer can be deduced [More on Next Page...]

Daira Mann, On-Line Editor

As we continue the refurbishing of our WEB site following the relocation of the Ministry from Florida, we have added a new and vital resource. Daira Mann, student at James Wood High School in Winchester, VA, and a member of the school's Honor Society,  has been selected to be the On-Line Editor for KingsWay Christian Ministries. Daira, with her background in writing, will be in charge of all [More on Next Page...]