The mission of any Christian organization – church or ministry – should be to promote and lift up Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of all. KingsWay Ministries was founded on this principle in the mid-90’s and continues to do so today.

Initially our emphasis was non-denominationally based with an accent on the teaching ministry. By not being bound by the tenets of any particular group we are able to be an adjunct to any or all churches. Our specialty is to provide advanced teaching in the things of God by securing a facility, anointed speaker(s) and to promote the event. This is a service provided freely (but donations would not be rejected!) however any expenses such as venue rental, travel and gratuity for guest speakers, advertising expense, etc. would be the responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

Since the move from Florida to North Carolina, and based on different geographical situations, an additional accent has been to assist those in need to secure a college education. This would emphasize primarily those in private Christian educational circles but, as resources can beĀ  secured, public schools as well.

As of the date of this writing (March 2017), this latest aspect of the ministry is now being set up and not yet available.