KingsWay Christian Ministries, Inc. began operation in Florida in 1996 following the ordination & licensing of Daniel and Teresa True, two of the co-founders. That same year we launched this WEB site. Well, not exactly THISĀ  site. The original had an extension of ORG which we used for 17 years. However, following several times of relocating, especially after the death of Teresa, the domain service lost our address. Since we didn’t receive a renewal notice, the previous site fell into expiration and by the time we noticed that another party had grabbed the site, it was too late!

So, after a time of assessing our needs and the mission, we established our North Carolina ministry (it was then that we noticed that the old WEB address was gone). So, to retain, as best we could, the old one to which many had become accustomed, we selected the old name with the NET extension. Close, but it will take a period of time until our formerĀ  visitors “find” us.

Lesson learned, we will be more guarded about securing ownership of the site BEFORE it expires!

Now, to discover more about why we are now located in North Carolina, I invite you to go to the OUR MISSION tab at the top.