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As a veteran it’s nice to know that people are appreciative of the service that veterans give to their country, even more so now that we have an all-volunteer military. In the period from June to July there is an even greater attention for our military; Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day, etc. Parades, TV specials and local events highlight those days with music, fireworks and unique costumes.

But, as the music dies down and the last of the fireworks spectacular is seen, we go back to our regular daily routines, not always considering those heroes who survived battles but sustained debilitating injuries that hamper their productivity. Thankfully, many employers do consider job applicants and their ability to be fruitful workers, especially for those who have served our Nation.

Some businesses likewise continue recognizing our veterans and their service by offering specialĀ  discounts on particular events. For instance, a number of restaurants provide free meals for ex-servicemen (and women!) on certain days of recognition.

I have seen special “parking” signs at some Walmart stores (see photo below) that I guess are locally-motivated, not especially a “corporate” gesture.

The other morning, in our little town of 2,400, I drove up to our local Hardees and the other old-timers had already gathered for their daily “briefing” of local events. There was only one parking space near the entrance and I pulled in. Then I saw the sign, reserving that space for veterans. I started backing out then I realize “Hey, I’m one of THEM!” So, I pulled forward, shut off the engine and threw my chest out and proudly walked to the door.

One guy asked me if I fought in the Battle of the Bulge and, as I took my first bite of the biscuit, I told him I fight that battle every day.

Actually, as a volunteer in the 50’s (they still had the draft back then) I was fortunate to have served my enlistment between Korea and, at that time an unknown place called Vietnam. God was certainly watching out for me!


So, how does recognition of war and veterans, as nice as that is, deserve exposure on a “religious” WEB site? The Scriptures tell us to “give unto Caesar the things of Caesar and give unto God the things of God”. That includes military service, taxes, voting, etc. as we are called upon (Jesus paid His taxes).

And, what better example for “standing up for your brother” or “going into harm’s way” do we have than Jesus Himself. He “took our back” (literally) and suffered death in order to “protect” us by providing a sure, beautiful future.

So, thanks to our Spruce Pine Hardees for their “dedicated” parking space for (us) veterans.

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